1. Operations Handling Services:

• Application for slots and permits with the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam
• Close coordination with your operations team on over flight permissions and schedule changes
• Local coordination with air traffic control at Cam Ranh airport
• Coordination with government airport authority
• Supervision of refuelling to ensure that no fuel is stolen
• Assistance with weights and balance calculations
• Supervision of the inflight catering operation
• Supervision of aircraft cleaning
• Supervision of aircraft engineering and maintenance support
• Supervision of aircraft parking, ramp side movement and air bridge connections
• Printing and providing flight instructions to your crew
• Handling fast track crew baggage check in and immigration clearance
• Coordinating ULDs
• Handling diversions to Saigon or other airports in Vietnam
• Purchasing inflight provisions and delivering them on the aircraft

2. Passenger Handling Services:

• Close coordination with immigration authorities to speed up visa granting
• Coordination with health quarantine and customs departments
• Coordination with transport guides at the airport
• Supervision of services to special needs or VIP passengers
• Handling of passenger enquiries and emergencies
• Coordinating with yourselves for ticketing errors
• Supervising the check in of passengers
• Announcing and enforcing your checked baggage and cabin baggage policies
Collecting excess baggage revenues
• As an option providing upgrades via your ticketing office
• Providing Russian language announcements to passengers
• Arranging food and drinks for delayed passengers in the terminal (the catering cost we would recharge)
• Lost baggage assistance and lost / found incident reports
• Coordinating with airport police for any security situations
• Assisting with departure gate boarding control
• Coordinating with yourselves in case passengers are not fit to fly for example if they are drunk
• Documentation of passenger incident reports
• Coordination with your local operations to delay delivery of passengers to airport if departure delayed