Firstly, an introduction to who we are. A few years ago, the airlines Nordwind, Ikar, Orenair and Kharkiv wished to improve the quality of their ground services in Vietnam and Nam Anh was set up specifically for this purpose. Since then we have handled well over 2,000 international flights to a high standard and have saved the airlines considerable amounts of money. We have a very experienced team of aviation specialists based in Cam Ranh airport full time, plus our information desk, office, warehouse and transport infrastructure available.

To introduce our key management team members:

Madam Thu
She has many years’ experience running companies in Vietnam and internationally.
She has very strong connections with the government and aviation authorities.
Colin Blackwell
Managing Director
He is from England and has many years’ experience running support operations for major multinational companies.
He has been in Vietnam since 1995 and holds a number of government advisory roles including for the World Bank.
Anh Tuyen
Tuyen Hoang
Operations and Cargo Director 
He has over 20 years’ aviation ground handling experience in Vietnam and internationally. He has a close working relationship with all of the aviation and airport authorities.